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United Investment Venture Corporation is UAE based investment company, was incorporated in 2005. UIVC holds a Capital Markets Authority Licence. Since then, it has grown to become a major player in UAE economy, with prudent investments in diversified sectors and markets across the globe finance. We are one of the giant investment company that provides products services, holds all licenses in asset management, arrangement, custody services, advisory, and investment banking services. Through its businesses, UIVC Investments has empowered communities and regions –driving positive growth in all fronts.
We are fast growing and forward looking investment firm, focused on making strategic investments as opportunities arise both in UAE and across the world. We pursue strategic opportunities that enhance our asset base and that of our portfolio companies. We are uniquely positioned to identify and invest in demographic and technological disruptors that create both challenges and opportunities alike. We provide the platform that supports our portfolio of now global companies to set new benchmarks of excellence. Moving forward steadily, the Company will continue to work towards securing a solid and stable financial position and target larger and more profitable businesses, with an aim of increasing profitability and operational efficiency.



The Firm specializes in the provision of tailored advisory services, financial engineering and wealth management solutions to financial institutions, corporate clients, and high net worth individuals. We gauge economic and social variables where our operating model has allowed us to manage risks prudently, effectively encouraging good governance, compliance with leading practices, and synergistic collaboration within our portfolio companies. Strategic alliances and synergies provide our clients with integrated and value-added services and products, as a trusted partner to many, we look forward to maintaining our position as by continuing to make a positive impact across the world.


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  ‘It is my pleasure to introduce United Investment Venture Corporation. We are ambitious company with a diverse outlook, born from the amazing opportunities our Nation constantly provides. The changes the UAE has experienced since we established UIVC in 2003 have been truly remarkable. We have seen the country’s GDP more than double, and with this have come great prospects as well as challenges.

Over the years, the Company has defined the dynamics of investments, which today undoubtedly serves as an innovative business model. Playing a historical and tactical role in promoting a healthy and a solid business environment in the UAE and being a key contributor to the country’s economic diversity, the Company prospered with the periods of growth and development witnessed by the visionary leadership of the UAE.

United Investment Venture Corporation did not only strive in what was seemingly an unchartered territory, it successfully thrived in driving forward the business responsibly while achieving sustainable profitable growth Equipped with a wide portfolio of investments, the Company delivers attractive returns, strengthening its position across diverse growth sectors, with a focus on innovation, determination, and excellence. With a resilient business strategy, a stable financial position and a committed management team, United Investment Venture Corporation has been a reliable growth driver in all businesses globally.

As part of its role in serving the community and enhancing the capacity of the national human capital, we have launched recently a low rate interest programme that will generate a high Return on Investment (ROI) and to provide banking & financial institutes with knowledge and practical skills to enhance their chances of obtaining suitable to opportunities, this programme comes with 15 years duration, the strategy is to achieve a great success in the nearest future, which will positively reflect on economic development plans. As part of its strategy to activate sustainability in various areas of business, which is based on three main pillars: environmental responsibility, community partnership and financial inclusion, the UVIC will continued its sustainability efforts and
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our Government for the distinguished role it plays, especially with regard to the economy, health and society. My sincere thanks extend to Central Bank of UAE and Capital Market Authority for their continuous support to the financial sector. I would like also to thank all our clients around the world, and employees for their continued trust and commitment to United Investment Venture Corporation. We pray to the Almighty to protect UAE, its people and its leader and to give us the strength to navigate safely through this pandemic.

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Mirza Rahman Ali AL sayegh

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