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Business Madates

Here at United Investment Venture Corporation we specialize in a variety of business opportunities targeting a wide spectrum of market segments, treating all our business interests as partnerships. We take an active role in all our business ventures ensuring every measure is taken fully, and carrying out a comprehensive assessment of each business model. Our extensive experience over time has provided us a reputation as leaders in the Commercial, Oil & Gas, Residential and Retail Real Estate, Design and Project Management industry both local and international. The UIVC has developed a strong and consistent ability to investment in banking services has been recognized internationally almost two decades. Our Focus is to provide investment and financial solutions through our international network, we connect all over the global covering areas like GCC region, Asian, United Kingdom, continental Europe and the United States. We partner with our corporate and institutional clients to help them achieve consistent, long-term performance by achieving great success and cultivating additional businesses under the umbrella of UIVC. We increased our business model by expanding into four industry vehicles: Asset Management, Investment, Retail, F&B Operations and Engineering, while continually seeking other enterprises to further our contribution into the growth & development.

Real Estate
United Investment Venture Corporation operates in the real estate sector through a strategic and multifaceted approach, creating sustainable business cities and developing projects through its subsidiaries, in line with market needs, that add value to the community
Building Materials, Construction & Contraction
A portfolio of United Investment Venture Corporation subsidiaries offers a comprehensive range of products and services in the building materials and construction sector, in addition to expertise in a number of areas in the construction process
As part of its strategy to create a diverse portfolio of investments which help to shape the society, United Investment Venture Corporation has made a number of strategic investments into the education sector
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Information Technology
Innovation has always been part of United Investment Venture Corporation. Since inception, United Investment Venture Corporation has embraced cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts as part of its commitment to sustainable progress pioneering business models.
Oil & Gas
United Investment Venture Corporation focus on Crude oil natural resource which is the global commodity that trades in markets around the world, both as spot oil is most important commodity in the world. The world's economy is largely dependent on fossil fuels such as crude oil, and the demand for these resources often sparks political unrest, as a small number of countries control the largest reservoirs, this sector is a core part of all investment portfolios.
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United Investment Venture Corporation is also focus on logistics sector which provides moment to ongoing project, infrastructure investment and managing the flow of goods and products in local and Internation. The ultimate goal in logistics sector in both local and international is todevote investment activities in infrastructure and logistics



United Investment Venture Corporation has diversified its portfolio by making a number of strategic investments into the healthcare sector, a move which supports the UAE Government National Agenda pillar of world-class healthcare.

Financial Investments

As part of its strategy to seek consistent growth opportunities, United Investment Venture Corporation diversified its operations in the Financial Investments sector, with strategic investments and partnerships

District Cooling

United Investment Venture Corporation has a clear and consistent strategy towards sustainability as it strives to reduce negative impacts and play a part in saving the environment.